Everyone agrees that email practices need to change. 50Fold's key insight is that changing email practice and behavior at a network rather than an individual level drives performance improvement.
That's why 50Fold developed High Performance @ Email, a measurable and sustainable program that changes the way people create, manage and think about email.  It improves productivity (20% or more), reduces costs and lowers risk.

Email has moved from an exciting technological innovation to a business critical process which is now consuming millions of dollars worth of value every year and affecting everyone, everyday across the organization.

Understandably, senior management is concerned that this once efficient tool is now developing into a lumbering process.  In particular, they'd like to address the amount of time and money spent on creating and managing email.

Senior management is also beginning to understand that as email becomes the dominant medium through which knowledge workers are choosing to operate, it shapes their behavior. Workers are also faced with the task of quickly reading through these documents and this is where a speed reading course by our training partner High Efficiency Skills will help.

Coping with email now affects the implementation of corporate strategies, because it is driving the setting of priorities and influencing the way in which decisions are arrived at and communicated.


Additionally, the risks incurred through the inappropriate use of email - which can result in considerable expense and use of resource are beginning to appear on corporate radar screens.  Organizations also have a desire to relieve the varying degrees of ‘email pressure' on individuals.

Time consumed by ‘doing ' email has a high opportunity cost.  According to the Radicati Group research email costs over $14 million a year for every 1000 users.

The High Performance @ Email training course is designed by us and delivered by our training partner High Efficiency Skills. Take our email training course either online or face to face and reduce the cost of email by at least 20%.

This means that we can be confident the program will deliver a significant and sustainable financial return.

Tell us how email affects your organization and let us reduce your information overload